Is Your A/C Working Overtime?
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Cleveland, Ohio - 07-27-2011 -

By Lorrie Taylor |
Fox 8 Reporter
9:54 p.m. EDT, July 25, 2011

CLEVELAND, Ohio -— Is your air conditioner working overtime?

Dave Masciarelli from Cleveland's Brennan and Associates has been saving customers money on their heating and cooling bills for nearly 35 years.

He told Fox 8's Call For Action Reporter Lorrie Taylor you can prevent an unexpected break down during these super hot days by remembering a few simple tips, beginning with the outside unit.

"People tend to want to put landscaping around it to hide them but they really need to have proper air flow," he told Taylor. If your AC is overgrown by grass and shrubs, Masciarelli recommends cutting them back so the unit has more access to air.

"Keep a four or five foot distance from completely around the unit so it has the proper air flow to work efficiently," he said.

Masciarelli also suggested homeowners clean the outside coils once a year, but he warned against grabbing a garden hose and doing it yourself.

"If you use too strong of a spray of water you could damage the coils and bend them and they will not be able to be repaired," he said.

The real surprise comes from what you do with your thermostat. Masciarelli said you can destroy your air conditioner if you keep your AC running too low for too long.

"I wouldn't set it any lower than 68 degrees, once you start it lower than that it could cause a freeze up of your indoor coil inside your furnace."

Masciarelli said you'll also save money and keep your home cooler if you keep clutter away from the vents and air returns.

"It really limits the air flow," he said.

You'll also make it harder for your air conditioner to work if you don't change or clean your inside filter, the same one that's in your furnace. Masciarelli recommends changing replacement air filters once a month. Reusable filters need to be cleaned every six to eight weeks.

Follow those low cost/no cost tips and Masciarelli said you'll save yourself $100 in a service call or a more expensive repair.
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