About Us
Brennan Heating & Cooling, Inc. was founded in 1977 to provide facility managers with a comprehensive computerized preventative maintenance program for their HVAC systems. Today, Brennan Heating & Cooling, Inc. has grown to be one of the area's most respected and trusted commercial, industrial and residential service companies. Offering a broad array of products and services, and supporting these products and services with a professional and dedicated workforce, Brennan Heating & Cooling, Inc. provides its customers with high quality design build installation and preventative maintenance services, with unmatched service and support excellence.
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Leadership in Commercial Preventive Maintenance Contracts
Brennan Heating & Cooling, Inc.'s commitment to your satisfaction includes our unparalleled ability to combine leading edge technology with our technical expertise to create your customized solution. From computerized preventative maintenance contracts, through servicing and 24 hour - 365 day availability, you experience the confidence, satisfaction and comfort that come from working with knowledgeable leaders who understand your specific requirements, and who can be counted on to provide comprehensive solutions for all your heating, cooling, and service needs.
Knowledge Leadership in Design Build
Brennan Heating & Cooling, Inc.'s singular expertise in design build places them in a small category of heating and cooling companies who can start at the beginning and continue through advanced preventative maintenance service for the life of the system. Designing in efficiency, reliability, and optimizing technology and new green initiatives, Brennan Heating & Cooling, Inc. designs and builds the system to meet your needs...then keeps the system operating at peak performance. You benefit with improved efficiency, reliability and reduced energy costs, while extending your heating, cooling and ventilating systems' useful life.
Taking It Home - Unparalleled Leadership in Residential Installation, Service and Maintenance Sometimes the most important job is your home. As whole house comfort specialists, Brennan's knowledgeable residential team points out insulation deficiencies and specializes in solving problems in houses that include dust problems, allergy problems and moisture. Brennan Heating & Cooling, Inc. maximizes comfort in residential structures, improving "quality of life" through new installations.
Performance at the Highest Levels with the Greatest Reliability and Efficiency.
- It Starts With You

Our mission is to create loyal customers and long lasting relationships. How do we do this? It starts with you. Understanding your needs and objectives is always the first step. Then, from the simplest job to the most complex challenge, we work closely with you to develop and design the best solution. Our designers, engineers, and technicians, recognized as leaders in our industry, get the results you need. In the end, you get unsurpassed performance at the highest levels with the greatest reliability and efficiency.
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